Friday, 22 July 2011


It's 2300 hours and it's such a beautiful evening that it's still light outside and light enough inside to find my way around without lights.  Apart from the cold northerly breeze this afternoon and evening this is what summer is supposed to be like.  So after dinner I sat in the conservatory in the warmth of the sun and read blogs until I was up to date.  There is no doubt that once I started living in Blogland I found being away for even a few days quite unsettling.  I love reading about all that you, my Blogland friends, do, where you go and how you interpret the world because each of us has a different take on the world we live in and a different way of expressing how we feel about it.  I, for one, also learn a lot about the places where you live.

Anyway, as is my wont, I have erred and strayed from my way like the proverbial lost sheep.  I was reading Pauline's post Last Accommodation North when I suddenly read the words "But what are plans other than more restrictions..."  Now I have been making plans for nigh on most of my life and whilst I am less of a planner now that I used to be I still plan a great deal.  Of course it isn't possible to live the sort of life many of us lead without making some plans but some of the most enjoyable things I have done in recent years (like touring Northland!) have had a large element of spontaneity in them.  So I have decided to adopt Pauline's words as one of my mantras.

Thanks Pauline.


  1. Life needs a mixture...
    i guess we plan many things because it is the only way to get bookings, hotels, cheaper flights etc... but thinking that far ahead is hard, and arranging it all causes stress if things crop up... but seizing the moment, now, while you are well, free, alive has a lot going for it.
    I often think that if I was rich, I would really like to just decide to visit Europe or Fiji or America next week - for a few days...because I can and I don't have to worry about it all. Reality is not quite the same - apart from one blissful holiday when I did it for the hell of it. Hang the cost....
    Memories are made that way :)

  2. Well, I never thought about it in that way before. The words ring true, for sure, but I wonder if I could do without "plans?"
    Our journey around this country was always a free spirit kind of thing in my mind, but the reality seems to be that it takes a LOT of planning to move from place to place on the roads, as well as reservations in the more desired areas.
    I still like the idea of not being so caught up in "plans" but the reality is...we need 'em.

  3. GB, you couldn't maintain your lifestyle with plans! You'd run into yourself coming back the other way!

  4. GB I love the fact you are there to read and comment on my Blog, this Blogland thing is quite satisfying!

    This year for Jaz and I has certainly taught us that we cannot plan to far ahead and live for the day rather than worrying about next year. I must admit Im still not very good at it and often worry about our future. Im sure this will get better with time. :)

  5. Plans. "You can't live with them, and you can't live without them." ;) I think it's a question of learning to recognize what has to be scheduled and what doesn't. I think setting aside a few days to just take the day as it comes is a very good idea if you're normally very caught up in timetables.

  6. I entirely agree with Fi's comment that "life needs a mixture".
    Quite some time ago, I wrote about planning on my own blog:
    Some things have changed since I wrote that (for instance my job), but essentially, I am still leading my "mixed" life with planning coming into it only when necessary.