Sunday, 17 July 2011

A Day On The Road

Today I drove about 370 miles from the Woodbury Park Hotel near Exeter to the Queens Hotel in Ambleside via Tintern, Hereford, Whitchurch and The Wirral (to catch up with a bag which didn't get transferred) and which included an extra 20 miles because of a closed off road in Exeter which made me travel up the motorway for 10 miles each way before picking up Cj at his hotel.  So having sort of eaten (unfortunately the main course was as inedible as any I've been offered for a very long time) and been for a walk and had a couple of cognacs I'm now ready for a (relatively) early night.  We've had a Good Day.

I'm sure that when we have arrived back on Lewis there will be plenty to blog about The Wedding which was a very memorable occasion.  It's really a day for the Bride and Groom - and so it was - but it's also a day for their family and friends - and so it truly was: a very memorable one.

But now it's bedtime.  Night night.


  1. Sounds wonderful...can't wait to hear all about the wedding. ;^)
    Rest well....

  2. 370 miles is quite a trip! You must have been exhausted when you stopped! Um, I'm sure the congnac helped emensley!
    Sorry you had an unappetizing meal, but happy that you and your brother are together, and can't wait to hear all about the wedding!