Saturday 21 May 2011

Yum and Yuk

Last night I went to Steve's for dinner. His partner, Suz, is up from Edinburgh 'enjoying' the dark, dreary, days that have followed the hottest, driest and probably sunniest April on record here on Lewis.  It's a strange old world.  But then I expect people have been saying that for centuries.  Suz did the cooking and after green pea and mint soup which was absolutely delicious she produce loin of lamb cooked so perfectly - just so that there was no blood (neither Steve nor I are too keen on blood oozing out of our meal) but still pink enough to satisfy a Frenchman.  It was accompanied by, amongst other vegetables, roasted beetroot.  It's the first time I can recall having roasted beetroot in this country although it's a common dish in New Zealand.  Steve keeps a substantial cellar of very passable wines.  'Nuff said.  We eventually got to bed.  A most enjoyable evening.  Yum.

I travelled home mid-morning with my wipers and headlights on.  I've been doing odds and ends in the house all afternoon with the most dreary weather imaginable engulfing the house.  It feels like the winter and I've had the central heating on since I got home.  Yuk.

Ah well.   I'm being picked up by Pat and Dave in under an hour and we're going to friends' for dinner. 

Tomorrow it's the Grand Prix from Barcelona.  I think I'll have a nice easy day and do some blogging and chill.  

It's a hard life.


  1. It sounds easier than mine! And mine isn't hard. :)

  2. Well I mentioned the wonderful April this evening at dinner and was shot down in flames. I heard that somewhere in the UK had the driest, hottest April on record and I thought it was us. I'm told I'm wrong. Ah well. Not for the first time.

  3. You are such a social butterfly! I'm happy for you!
    Any chance Suz would share her recipes???

  4. Just Googled our weather for April. The Met Office says it was a sunny month across all of the UK with sunshine amounts generally close to 150% of normal, making it the sunniest April in the series from 1929.

    Lisa I'm sure that I can get the recipes from Suz. I'll email you.

  5. The weather changes have been similar here - unusually warm and summery from Easter and the rest of April; cooled off again and more rain in May. But Nature seems to be rather enjoying it and responding with fresh spring colours!

  6. How quickly we forget all those good days of sun, sun and more sun once we have five days on the trot of rain, gloom and winds.

    I am playing the good game now Graham and I am looking forward to the next spell of wonderful Hebridean weather. It will surely come soon. xx


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