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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Frightful Friday

OK so the whole day wasn't frightful but it sure came pretty close in parts.  The Good Bits were that in the morning Viv, Pat, Briagha and I went for a walk round the Lews Castle Grounds followed by coffee at The Woodlands Centre.  Well actually they did most of the walking 'cos I met a friend and chatted for ages before meeting them coming back. In the afternoon Viv and I went up to Traigh Mhor.  The weather permitted both in between the showers so I suppose that was a Good Thing too.

Lews Castle and Stornoway Inner Harbour
Braigha at the mouth of the River Creed

Panorama of Stornoway across the Outer Harbour from the Castle Grounds
A tree feller with a sense of humour
Traigh Mhor, Tolsta
Meanwhile Blogger was down and I didn't see the comments that had been made on the last two posts and couldn't comment on anyone else's.  I shall go back and do that.  What was irritating was that the information on Blogger's own blog was very sparse.  Blogger had been down when I tried late Thursday evening so I assume that it was down for nearly 20 hours.
More of my emails have ended up in intended recipients spam folders.
My £500 HTC Desire S phone newly acquired when I returned to Scotland decided to give up the ghost on Monday and on Tuesday Vodafone agreed to replace it on Wednesday.  I didn't expect it on Wednesday 'cos of where I live but Thursday would have been reasonable.  Yesterday (Friday) evening there was no phone and a call to Vodafone elicited the information that they hadn't sent one and wouldn't be sending one either.  They hadn't bothered to tell me.  The saga is so bizarre that I shall have to do a separate post but needless to say the situation has not been resolved.

Viv went home to France.

Needless to say there were other irritations which prompted my outburst of Frightful Friday but overall and looking back from the serenity (who am I kidding in this weather?) of Saturday morning I should have just reiterated my mantra "Don't sweat the small stuff; and it's all small stuff!"  It wasn't such a bad day.  No, it really wasn't.  There.  I've convinced myself.


  1. Well, yesterday was Friday the 13th after all... Which, believe it or not, did not strike me until I read this post! Your photos are breathtaking and the only thing looking a bit frightful is that tree stump (no, I love it really, but my heart might take a jump if I ran into it in the dark!)
    PS. Blogger on Twitter says that they're still working on bringing back our lost comments as well.

  2. Love the photos.
    Sorry to hear about the phone - how frustrating and annoying for you
    Hope it works out ok

  3. ps - i havent even read anything about what happened to Blogger - no email or messages at all....just a lot of irate facebook entries and new blog posts.

  4. Monica: Not, touch wood, being a superstitious person I'd forgotten it was Friday 13th. Perhaps I'll change my views.

    I'm using my old phone for now, Fi, but it is a time-consuming irritation. I've just discovered that Blogger Buz at http://buzz.blogger.com/2011/05/blogger-is-back.html gives an explanation of sorts as to what happened.

  5. A grand set of pictures today........it looks like a good day to me.
    I hope your woes resolve themselves.

  6. I too was annoyed with blogger yesterday and then today someone accidentally cut the internet cable to Exeter, leaving 11,000 homes (including ours) without the internet until just now. I had to write a list - there were so many things I needed the web for I was worried I wouldn't remember when it came back on!

  7. Sorry to hear you had a Frightful Friday! Hope you sort out your phone problems. The photos are beautiful, love the first one with the wind beaten tree.


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