1 EAGLETON NOTES: Thankful Thursday



Thursday, 5 May 2011

Thankful Thursday

Well my post today is short and sweet and fairly trivial if truth be told.  Until this morning when there is some light rain, the sun has shone out of a cloudless sky and as a result I have felt alive and motivated almost to the point of being in manic mode.  Which made me think of Manic Miner which was the first game my children had on their  ZX Spectrum computer.  Those were the days!  I say that but I think Andrew had his first Spectrum in about 1983 which, as that was about the birth of the personal computer coming into homes, is not really that long ago.

So this morning I am thankful for the beautiful weather and the fact that it's enabled me to paint fences and do lots of outside jobs wearing shorts and a polo shirt at this time of year!  What a bonus.

I am also thankful that so many friends have called in and stayed over the last few days.


  1. What fun to have friends come by! I'm thankful for having made headway on my new scrapbook/computer room, formerly known as the front bedroom.

  2. I'm glad you've had sunny weather. We got slung back into chilly winds this week (winter jacket back on!) but not much rain.

    I know my dad or my brother had a Spectrum computer back in the early 80s. Not sure they had Manic Miner but I remember that "kind of" game. Was never really into those myself. If I preferred any computer games it was the kind wich would allow you to pause and think...! ;)