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Friday, 27 May 2011

Miscellaneous Thoughts

I woke to sunshine this morning.  Well it was sort of now you see it now you don't but it gave me hope.  When I then watched the Scottish news and weather at 0730 the weatherchappie said something like '.... and for those of you in the West who are enjoying the sun don't worry the rain will be back by lunchtime.'  He was correct!  I've moved back from the Study where I started off the day into the cosy warmth of the living room.  Such is our weather this May.  Yuk.

After having had Pat's PC in the Study for about a week trying to replicate the problems she was having and having no problems at all it eventually decided that it could behave no longer and displayed symptoms I've never before seen in a PC.  Whether it's a hardware or software problem I have no idea but I think a re-formatting of the hard drive and re-installation of Windows is the next step.  More yuk.

New Zealand produces some splendid wine.  It's just a shame from the economic point of view of New Zealand, that the NZ$ is such a strong currency at the moment.  It's also a shame that the country has increased wine production so much over the last few years.  There is now a glut of wine worldwide caused by overproduction on one side and economic hardship of consumers on the other.  So NZ wine which had enjoyed a sort of boutique wine status is now being sold more cheaply in competition with lots of other wines.  For example a splendid South-East Australian Shiraz/Grenache  going under the name of Firetail Estate Selection is selling for half price at the moment - £4 in the UK - making it as cheap as any wine but a lot better than many and almost anything I have ever tasted at considerably more than that price.  It's a good time for wine drinkers!  For managing to buy a good supply deduct a big yuk!

My emails to my brother, CJ, have been going to his spam folder; those to a friend in New Zealand have been marked as phishing as have emails to Pat just across the valley.  I'm not sure how many other potential recipients have been experiencing that.  The problem is that if someone doesn't get an email I'm unlikely to know and so is the intended recipient. Another problem to be solved.  Another yuk. PS If my emails to you are going to spam please do let me know.

This actually started as a two-paragraph post. The first paragraph was to have been as I actually wrote above.  I've still not recalled what the second paragraph was to have been.  All I can recall is that it was to have been a non-yuk one balancing things out.  Ah well. C'est la vie.

Of course the second I've posted this I shall recall exactly what it was I was going to say.  Ho hum.

Have a good day or sleep well - depending upon when you read this.


  1. Not sure if you've sent me emails that I haven't received, GB. I am smiling to think that you knew your post was going to be two paragraphs :)

    I never know what I'm writing about, really....when I'm writing, especially as the thoughts begin their forming on the screen.

    We're having thunder storms right now...but I'm enjoying a Friday evening at home, while the boys are all tuckered from a few weeks of hard core baseball and running. It feels rather good here right now {and that might be because I've had a couple of beers before dinner}.


  2. I've been checking my spam so you won't get away with that ;)