Monday, 2 May 2011


As Maggie Smith's character, Lady Grantham, in Downton Abbey's first episode said "What is a weekend?"  Friday was a holiday in the UK (someone was getting married) and today (Monday) is a Bank Holiday.  I realised that something was up on Friday because when I was in the supermarket it was deserted by Friday lunchtime standards.  Today I had an appointment with the optician but when I arrived in Town almost everywhere else was closed.  If it hadn't been for those events however  one of the things about being retired is that weekends no longer play as important a part in one's life. 

However the last four days have been truly exceptional in that the weather for the end of April and the first day of May has, in my experience, been truly exceptional.  I haven't seen a cloud since I returned.  People have been down on the beach and the children have been swimming and making the most of the holiday and the weather.

A truly beautiful pre-sunrise dawn
Another sunrise - sorry, but I just can't resist.  It's only the first day of May!
Pat, Dave and Briagha with another dog lover, photographed from the house.
The garden is looking amazing considering I've been away for the winter.  Thanks Sue and Brian!
Crowds like this are unusual in mid-summer!
That cold water is not for the faint hearted!


  1. Is that view from your home?
    It's beautiful!

  2. Love your garden, but I am jumping up and down over that first photo! GB! That is absolutely gorgeous!!!

    So glad you are having such welcoming weather!

  3. Beautiful sunrises followed by beautiful days - long may it last for you! I think I need to go away for six months, maybe someone will come and see to my garden? It looks great.

  4. It's good to see summer.......it's good to see brave loons as well.

  5. Thanks all.

    Yes, Norma, that is the view from my kitchen and study windows: over The Minch to the Scottish Highlands.

  6. I think we never enjoy sunny weather more than when it suddenly comes upon us after a long harsh winter! We've had the same kind of summery weather here since Easter. But yesterday it turned chilly again and I needed my winter jacket in the morning...
    Your garden certainly does not look like it's been abandoned for six months. You have good friends! :)

  7. Beautiful pics GB... a lovely spot.
    Far away form our storms up there that you are missing - see the twister video today!

  8. we'd to make do with a paddling pool - the Clyde was so low!
    But it was a great weekend.
    I'm looking forward to a time when weekends don't mean blessed release from work!

  9. Oh Graham...it's all so beautiful!! So beautiful. I'd love to be on that beach, in that water, bouncy and jumping :)