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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thankful Thursday

I was reminded today when I read Jaz's post for Thankful Thursday entitled, unusually, Thursday Tantrums that we spend a lot of our lives taking things for granted and not being thankful for the minutiae that makes up the majority of our lives.

Jaz is suffering from double vision.  It prompted her to say, amongst other things of course,
When you are not under threat it is easy to forget that each day is really a gift.  As we go through the motions of the same breakfast routine and off to the same work place.
I remember that time fondly but I'm ashamed at how blase I was about life. The "I'll always be ok" mentality, "it'll never happen to me!"

Well it can and sometimes does. I really hope you can find good stuff in your life amongst all the routine and mundane.
I'll say amen to that Jaz.

Be happy.

In Florence


  1. So articulately put. A big honkin' Amen! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Thanks Lisa. It's something we so often forget to do.

  3. It is difficult to be thankful when your lie gets monotonous. Thanks for this post GB!

    1. Yes Ruby but then always be careful when asking for excitement: you never know what you'll get!


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