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Monday, 10 September 2012

We're Off to See David

Our hopes may be dashed, though, because the website says there are no tickets available for booking and the queues may be very long.  Having seen Michealangelo's David in The Acedemia in Florence twice already I  am not particularly concerned if I don't see it again although it is particularly stunning and I've been quite amazed each time I've seen it.  Anyway we are off to a 6am start in the morning.  I've been up at that hour several times during the holiday on a quite voluntary basis but the idea of having to get up to be out at that time doesn't please me particularly as I'd like to watch the Murray v Djokovic final of the US Open which is, I assume, live on the TV tonight.  Ho hum.

It'll be a 2 hour journey at least into Florence (and therefore a two hour journey back).  It's going to be a long day - and I'm driving.

It's off to bed I suppose.

Night night.  I'll see you on Wednesday.


  1. Have fun. Although I wouldn't like to have to park in Florence.
    It's funny, I don't (whisper) find myself very impressed with David. It always seems grotesque to me.

  2. I hope that you have an enjoyable day, and that the others get the opportunity to view the famous David.
    Sorry about the long drive, but it may go by quicker than you anticipate.
    Take your tablet along with you, and enjoy the game online.
    Take care...

  3. I hope you had an enjoyable day in Florence whether David was in the mood of receiving visitors or not.