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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thursday Dawns

Until last night the Italian wine industry had had to rely on Diane and I as the only members of our party helping it along.  All six of us were managing to consume about a bottle an evening between us although it had to be said that most of that ended up in just two glasses.  Then last evening everything changed.  The girls had been to a wine festival in Greve on Sunday and brought back some rather better than average Chianti Classico.  Last night quite a lot of that disappeared.  The irony is that my consumption rarely increases much these days and neither did Diane's.   So this morning we are fine and dandy.  One or two of the others are slightly less perky!  What an evening though!  YouTube has a lot of advantages and when you have six people from two different generations brought up and living in six different countries the choice of music, the guessing, the reminiscing, the remembering, the singing and the dancing went on into the wee sma oors.

We had been expecting rain and a very poor day today but it's dawned much cooler than of late but at 0800 it wasn't looking too bad:

Let's see what the day brings.


  1. A painting. I love this. Totally LOVE it.

    1. Knowing your environment as I do I'm sure that you would not only love it but that you would give it a very worthy "Hawkes Bay Hills" treatment.