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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Use of Superlatives

I usually switch on the TV a while before The News because if I don't switch it on I'm apt to forget.  So I switch on and usually go to mute.  The programme before The News is Pointless.  The compère is given to completely pointless superlatives on a regular basis and I have to say that I find it quite devalues everything that he says.  His usual is 'you've been brilliant fantastic contestants' to almost every contestant who managed to get bombed out without winning.  Yesterday he managed to make the statement that the jackpot had reached an (emphasising) 'unbelievable £5000'.    Which, in fact, seems to me to be an entirely believable sum.

This evening I decided that I could watch it with the sound on because I had a bit of ironing to do and I thought that I might get a post out of it!  Luck was with me because so far today he's not said 'brilliant' or 'fantastic' and the £6250 jackpot was announced without any emphasis at all.  Someone has, I think, had a word with him!


  1. Loved your fabulous, delightful, amazing,stunning, astonishing exraordinary post!

    At work I devised a game called bullshit bingo for really boring staff meetings.

    We each had a list containing some of the usual buzz words and each put 50 pence in a pot.

    We were listening avidly for our words to come up so gave the impression of being totally absorbed.

    The first person who coughed loudly (thus indicating a full card) collected the pot of dosh.

    The boss never found out.


  2. SP - I love it! Almost makes me want to go back to work (NOT!).

    GB - I love the programme - it's brilliant (not to say fantastic) but am always totally, utterly incredibly amazed at how low some obvious answers score.


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