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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tuesday and One For Adrian

What happened today?

It is Diane's Birthday.  Which is a silly thing to tell you because you have no idea who Diane is.

I drove Diane and Mo from Diane's house near Merseyside to Arras in France where I am writing this  in my hotel bedroom on a computer that is thinking about running out of battery because I've left the plug converters in the car (silly me) and can't be bothered getting dressed to go and get them.

I have hardly ever driven down the M6 in the rush hour through Stoke without it being clogged up.  Today it was a clear run.  Then we used the M6 Toll Road and avoided the threatened heavy congestion around Birmingham.  In fact even with a very leisurely morning coffee break we were down at the Channel Tunnel well ahead of schedule.  Nearly 300 miles of relative motoring sanity.  Almost unheard of in my experience on an English Motorway.

Then 73 kilometres in France on an Autoroute relatively devoid of traffic.  The holiday had started.

Now fed and watered (with some red water) it's time for bed and a good sleep before the next leg tomorrow when, hopefully, I'll have something interesting to show you.

In the meantime here's one for Adrian:

How about that for a name of a falling-over-water establishment?


  1. like it!
    BTW you didn't tell us who Diane is.

  2. Well Happy Birthday to Diane, and may she live to see many more.
    Does that PourHouse have anything to do with the birthday celebrations?
    Glad to hear that you enjoyed your drive over to France with relative ease.
    Not too much of that red water, it can be quite addictive, but when in Rome, you should do like the Romans do I guess. Enjoy!

  3. Happy Birthday, Diane. There's always a reason for a red water celebration, right? Diane's birthday is as good as any. Hehehe.

  4. It's just great. have a good trip.

  5. PS. I haven't had a drink for a week. I gave up when I saw what it did that luvly boy 'Umble 'Arry.

  6. Why do you think there was so little traffic on the M6? Are people still on holiday? They certainly are here, and it makes a huge difference to road traffic. RJ sometimes takes more than half an hour to get from his place to mine, but for the past weeks, it was only half the time.
    Driving in France is generally* much more relaxed than, say, in Germany, I find. Paying for the motorways is probably one reason.
    *with the exception of big innercity traffic, such as in Paris, Lyon etc.

  7. Funny sign! Glad to hear there were no traffic problems yesterday, I hope today will run as smoothly.

  8. Enjoy, Graham. Sounds like bliss indeed...

  9. Coolish today in La Belle France but more hot hot hot on the way! Enjoy!


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