Monday, 27 August 2012

I've Booked

my flights back to New Zealand.

I am scheduled to leave the International Terminal at Glasgow Airport at 2045 on Thursday 1 November.  I should arrive in Auckland at 1345 on Saturday 3 November and then fly on to Napier.

I am disappointed though.  Not, of course, at going back to my second home but because I will not be travelling with what has become my favourite airline: Air New Zealand.  Why?  Money.  A lot of money.  I had also hoped to go via Hong Kong and stay there for a few days both to break my journey and re-visit that wonderful, vibrant and exciting city again.

Unfortunately Air New zealand wanted almost twice the price of Emirates to get me from Glasgow to Auckland.  That stretched my loyalty a bit too much and I booked with Emirates.

The downside is that I'll be travelling in an Airbus A380 800 which is something I had hoped never to do.  C'est la vie.  The upside is that I don't have to travel through London's Heathrow which saves a  great deal of time.


  1. Have a stiff drink first, and you'll be fine, GB (I'm not keen on the idea of an airbus, either, so understand how you feel). Oh - and stay in touch!

  2. You have been awakened from your slumber GB, it does not make sense keeping up loyalties these days, especially with the horrendous prices that are being charged by the airlines. The disparity of pricing is beyond me.
    I myself have broken my travel into several different airlines because of pricing... my loyalty has left the building ages ago.
    Sorry you won't get to visit Hong Kong this time around, but maybe next time. You will be fine on the Airbus.
    Take the advice of Frances above, and worry not.

  3. Not sure what an airbus is exactly, but at least you're booked, and can rest knowing that you're set for another travel.
    What a wonderful life you lead!


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