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Monday, 27 August 2012

Someone Cut Off My Arm: Almost

I arrived yesterday at a friend's house on Merseyside after a very pleasant 240 mile drive through sun, torrential rain and every other season except snow and ice.  Leastways that's what it felt like.  The one thing one has to say about weather in Britain is that it's not boring.  Which is more than can be said for the fact that we Brits hark on about it incessantly.

My first question after arrival was "Do you have wifi?"  An affirmative answer brought a smile.  An evening trying to figure out why none of my things would connect to it brought bemusement.  This morning it suddenly occurred to me that I'd had a similar problem with my wifi in NZ and the whiz guy had had to re-programme the router.  Anyway this morning I am using a combination of a very weak signal from a neighbour's BTFon (I love BT for their Fon) and a hotspot created by my mobile phone from the Vodafone network (an intermittent signal but wotthehellarchiewotthehell a signal is a signal).

There will be no fancy posts from me and I have only been able to upload one of my Blogland pals posts so far to read and comment.

This morning I thought I was back on Lewis when I was woken by the sound of wind and rain on the windows.  This might not be a day for exploring but rather one for sitting in front of the fire with a book.  We do have to load the car though and prepare ourselves for an early start for the Big Journey to Italy tomorrow.

Bye for now.


  1. Hope your cut off arm is back on again and you are able to "wifi" again.

    "Wind and rain"?!! Yesterday (Sunday) was the most beautiful day. A bit breezy but very, very warm and sunny. Spent the afternoon sitting in the garden and now suffering sore arms - oh well - one has to suffer for a tan.

    Today? Wind and rain - so it has caught up with us again. Makes life interesting.

    Hope your day is good and that you travel uneventfully. x

  2. Amazing how our needs have changed over the years. After a day of rough weather travelling on the road, the immediate request would have been a hot bath and a meal, but not these days.....No way, "Do you have wifi?" is now the arrival request question of the day.
    Glad you were able to get a weak signal to check in and keep us posted on your whereabouts and daily happenings.
    Continue smartly, and safe travels.

  3. I feel confident that with access to friends, fire and books, you probably survived a day without wifi and you're probably on the road again as I write this. Wish you better luck with the wifi at the place where you'll be staying in Italy!


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