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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Glasgow's Byers Road and Ashton Lane

Arguably the centre of Glasgow University's and the West End's commercial and, to some extent social, life is Byers Road and Ashton Lane.  Both my sons at some time lived near Byers Road and over the last 30 years of my acquaintance with the city I have known since my first visit in 1969 the changes in the ambience of the area have been incredible.  The first Waitrose in Glasgow (and the third in Scotland) opened there in 2009.  Ashton Lane which was run down and almost derelict in the early 1970s has, since the now internationally renowned Ubiquitous Chip opened in about 1977, become one of the most famous drinkery/eatery places in the City. 

After the Nighthawk and I were re-united Anna and I went to Byers Road for some provisions and a coffee.

Glasgow humour?  Locally sourced game in the middle of Glasgow? 
Wonderful fish but no claim of local sourcing
The famous Ubiqutous Chip's Wee Pub at the back of the wonderful restaurant.
So famous it has already been voted Restaurant of the Year 2013.  Am I missing something here?

The Grosvenor café relocated to The Lane in the late '70s and from which Anna's school was banned
Pink wellies are all the fashion on a very warm Byers Road afternoon.  Hmmm.


  1. I love the look of Ashton Lane! The wellies there and Uggs here in the US. At least the wellies are attractive. But a jacket too?

  2. I'm enthralled at all the lovely floral hanging baskets on the outside of these buildings.
    The penmanship on the chalkboard placards has also captured my attention.
    We girls all know that the shoes have to match the bag, whether they're weather appropriate or not....

  3. That's it I'll definitely be going back.

  4. I like the red chairs! - very photogenic.

  5. When it comes to such a hype about a restaurant, a book, a film or anything else, I am always very cautious about it. Not that I want to be deliberately "not mainstream" (in many ways, I am as mainstream as you can get), but hypes simply make me suspicious, because I do not believe in something to be great simply because "the media" tell me it is.
    Have you been to this restaurant? If you said it is as great as they make believe, then I'll believe it, too!
    Never understood those fashion victims who walk around in boots (no matter what kind) in summer. We should be so glad for the few months or weeks it is warm enough to go bare-legged!

  6. Just love the pink wellies - but then I would - wouldn't I?!

  7. I have just commented on Emm's post on Margate's revival, and I will say again here that i love to hear about places which have pulled themselves up after years of spiralling downwards.

  8. By the way I hope my post on your NZ blog got through, it was churning away trying to reload and I unthinkingly closed it so never found out if it really posted!


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