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Thursday 26 July 2012

Thankful Thursday: Christchurch

I was looking for a photo this evening and I happened to come across some of the photos I took when I was in South Island, New Zealand in January 2007.  It seems such a long time ago.  These were taken in the centre of Christchurch.  Those of you who follow my life in New Zealand will know how traumatic the earthquake which wreaked such devastation in Christchurch was.  

I have absolutely no idea why I should be posting about such memories on a Thankful Thursday post except that I believe that I should be able to quell the tears that welled up and find something positive to say.  After all none of my visits to that beautiful city coincided with the earthquake and I've not been back there since.  I must remedy that this coming year.

However I feel that anything I say will be inadequate.  So I shall simply leave you all with the reminder and leave you to think of the effect such an event would have on your life and how you would feel and perhaps count your blessings.


  1. The photos are lovely, and even though they bring back some harsh memories, the people of Christ Church have proven that they are indomitable.
    I read some other blogs that captured it all and the outcome, but above it all they rose back up and their spirit lives on.
    A lot to be thankful for......

    1. Yes. Virginia. The people of Christchurch have been and are being extraordinarily indomitable.

  2. I've been returning to this post a couple of times. I still can't think of anything to say except what has already been said. So I guess I'm writing just to say I did my counting. ♥

  3. I doubt that a week goes past without each person in New Zealand thinking about Christchurch. This weekend just been we were talking about student flats and the cold of Christchurch and other South Island winters. Of course then the conversation always gets around to there earthquake and someone we know who is still there, still struggling. I feel helpless, but that must be nothing compared with their feelings of the same. The insurance companies dragging their feet... it goes on...


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