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Sunday 8 July 2012

Ambleside to Cluanie


Written Saturday night at Cluanie Inn

A few weeks ago I was due to go to Glasgow and the A9 was closed due to an accident so I went down the A82 West Coast route instead.  Today instead of sailing from Skye on Monday we decided to bring the sailing forward to Sunday and after a walk round Keswick we set off for a hotel in Spean Bridge.  Unfortunately there were no rooms available so we just carried on and ended up here at the Cluanie Inn in the middle of absolutely nowhere but only XXX miles from the ferry on Skye giving us an easy day tomorrow.

When we were on the M8 coming out of Glasgow three very large ambulances (much larger than normal emergency ambulances) came past us in convoy and went over the Erskine Bridge and up the Dumbarton Road.  It looked ominous because that was our route.  When got to Balloch on the A82 we saw an overhead road sign saying that the A82 was closed at Luss and advising the use of an alternative route.  We decided that this could be a very long closure if those ambulances were indeed headed that way so decided to take a detour via Helensburgh and ArdXXXX to Tarbert.  From ArdXXX to Tarbert is 2 miles but despite all the traffic in from of us going that way the Police officer directed me the other way.  So we arrived here via Inverery and a total of 2 hour detour.   Instead of 260 miles today I’ve driven  XXX on top of the XXX yesterday. The odd thing is that I don’t feel tired.  

What is even more odd is that we’ve not been able to pick up any traffic reports on Radio Scotland this afternoon and there’s been no mention of the road closure on the News (the A9 closure made the national radio and TV news).   We have no internet and no phone signal sufficient to get the internet.  We are in an information desert. 


  1. At some point (perhaps XXX) it seems you picked up sufficient signal to send this off. So I take that as a sign you're on your way again and I hope your sailing goes according to your wishes!

  2. This comment was made by Scrappy Grams on a second draft copy of the post - now removed

    Scrappy Grams8 July 2012 18:36

    No news about something big enough to close a road is baffling, but it happens here too. Glad you are safe and sound.

  3. When I get a Round Tuit, I shell look up your route. We are still planning our Northern UK/ Scotland trip... however it will be 2014 now, due to an unforeseen 2013 opportunity that should not be forgone.

    1. I'll send you a Round Tuit. They are very handy things. You are a very busy person though so I'm sure you'll use the Round Tuit wisely 'cos you know what 'they' say "If you've got a job to be done give it to a busy person."

  4. Replies
    1. I'm not sure that this is a mathematical certainty.

  5. Actually, since you've been away, Shell = "Z Energy" (New service station name).

  6. I'd seen the adverts before I left. Life will never be the same. As I tend to shop in New World I tend to use BP anyway.


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