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Wednesday 23 May 2012

A Trip to Gisla

Yesterday I drove over to the other side of the Island to see friends in Uig.   It's not a long drive - about 40 minutes - and I left at 1015 having said that I'd be there around 11am.  I'm a Edwards.  The Edwardses have a gene which ensures that they are never late.  So when I was held up for a number of reasons on the road and also could not resist stopping for some photos, time became scarce and I started running late.  By this time I was out of range for a mobile/cell phone signal.  By the time I arrived I was 20 or so minutes late and there was general consternation and grovelling apologies for causing worry were the order of the day.

I had, however, managed these photos of the journey.

This is the road I often use for part of the journey.  It is not the main road (our main roads are actually very good) but it is considerably shorter and much more picturesque than the main road.

The houses are Airidhs or Sheilings and I have mentioned them before.  I really must get around to doing a post about them at some time.  At least one of my readers will have a little pause for thought if she reads this.


  1. Beautiful landscape... But if I was travelling alone, I think it would hit me with agoraphobia. A lonely cottage on the moor... Not my ideal place for a holiday ;)

  2. When they were occupied in the summer it was a sort of working 'holiday' for the ladies. The men would be off fishing or tending the croft and the ladies would be out on the common grazings with the sheep and cow and spinning wheel AND MIDGES!

    1. As I said... Not really my idea of a holiday, and doesn't appeal to me as a job description either! ;) - There were places in Sweden too though, the northern parts, where in the past the women also used to go off with the cows to pastures away from the farm in the summer; and they had special buildings/cabins there as well for those purposes. Looking rather different than yours, though. If you like, you can see some pictures in the Swedish Wikipedia article Fäboddrift Reminds more of the Austrian Alps than of the Hebridies.

  3. Dawn Treader, I went to the link you provided and I agree. But GB, I must say the mountains are lovely to behold.
    I've never liked the idea of a working holiday. However, I did love the fold-down camper we took to the Texas Hemisphere in the early 1970s and Disney World the year it opened. Cooking breakfast outdoors on a grill makes it taste so much better!


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