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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

There’s A Lot Of Editing To Be Done

Having arrived back at Eagleton Notes I have realised that a while ago I had a brief attempt at making the header more exciting.  It was an experiment and, whilst I like the idea, I don’t particularly like the execution.  The side panels are rather deficient too.  There’s a bit of work to be done.  Now if I were like Heather instead of saying it I’d have done it in the same amount of time.  Me?  I’ll do it.  Eventually.


  1. Oh you :) If you'd like me to, I can make you a slide banner like I have on mine...that shares some of your favorite photos (email them to me) and I can adjust the width/height to your desire. I would love to do this for you, my friend! Don't hesitate if you'd like one here and at Hebridean..okay?

    Love to you♥

    Oh, and it is REALLY simple to add to your blog, as simple as adding a gadget is to your sidebar (I promise).

  2. Thanks so much Heather. You are a star. I'll email you separately.

    There is just one thing about your new banner that I'm not sure about. Is it downloaded or constantly fed. I say this because in NZ my broadband is metered and expensive. Also a lot of my followers in NZ are not on broadband and I'm wondering if it is very slow to downlaod. Anyway I'll 'talk' to you about that by email.

  3. hmmm...I'm not entirely sure on the answer to this question. I make the banner on my computer and upload it onto it's own sharing program when completed. Did you have any trouble when you visited my site with it on there? hmmm


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