Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I’m Back.

I do choose original titles don’t I?

I arrived back on the Island on Saturday afternoon to be met at the Airport by a long huge hug from Pat.  At the risk of repeating myself (why should I suddenly worry about that?!) I can think of few things more calculated to make me feel alone and lonely than arriving at the airport with no-one to welcome me. 

I am starting this post at 0723 on Tuesday 27 April.  I’ve been up for quite a while after my first good night’s sleep since I set foot on Scottish soil.  Although the *** nightmares (well they were only ponies I suppose) are back.   Sibelius’s First Symphony is pounding out.  There is a vibrant urgency in this symphony combining the last throws of the great Romantic Symphonies with a push into the music of the Twentieth Century (In which, I think, it was written.  Having said that although Sibelius died in, again I think, 1957 he wrote little or nothing of consequence in the last 30 years of his life and I can’t recall how old he was when he died.  I must go and look it all up – sometime.)  Back to the vibrant urgency!   That is how I have felt since I returned.  There is so so much to be done.  there always is, of course, but, whether it’s my imagination or I just have a short memory, I feel more than ever that there is so much to be done and so little time in which to do it.  Which is odd if you think about it.  Perhaps that’s one for A Life in The Day Of

Then there are the silly things.  Where do I keep the saucepans? (The same place I’ve kept them for the last 15 years since I built this kitchen!).  Why have the saucepans moved around (Friends have been staying).  In fact so much seems to have moved but, when I think about it, I realise that I moved quite a lot of things last summer and my recollection just hasn’t caught up.  There are the missing things.  Well, not actually, they are things I take for granted in one life and suddenly realise that I’m in the wrong life to find that particular thing. 

By now it’s nearly midday.

I started making a list on Saturday evening.  I was on the second A 4 page by Sunday.  Now I’ve edited the three pages into lists: communicate, indoors, outdoors, plan.  Then there’s the URGENT list.  Then there’s the I can’t cope I’m going to have another coffee/pour a glass of wine response.

I spent much of Monday shopping and sorting things in Town (I even had my eyes tested).  Today I decided I wasn’t leaving the house.  Blogland beckoned.  However, this morning was spent on the phone and ‘sorting’ problems.  After two years I now have online access to my cell phone account!   At one stage I was on the phone to New Zealand when my other phone rang with a call from New Zealand!  I have made three appointments and ordered my prescriptions from the Docs.

Have you ever sat somewhere with a drip?  The water sort!  The roof of the Study is a double skinned polycarbonate lined internally with wood.  Onto the lead flashing was falling a drip of water from the gutter about 2 feet above.  It sounded, like, a hammer each time a drop fell.  Despite the rain I got the ladder out and scaled the dizzy heights up to the gutter.  It was blocked.  Now it isn’t.  Whilst the ladder was out I put up my wireless weather station.  Oh yes.  Things were getting done.  Now for Blogland.

Why does this wireless keyboard and the previous one which it replaced (both being used here with Palin my laptop) keep missing out letters – and failing to register the shift key - whilst my wireless keyboard in New Zealand works perfectly?  I think CJ has the same problem.  Answers on a post card, please, to…. 

Right.  I’m resolved.  I shall now do some blog posts.

By the way.  In case any of this sounded like a complaint please let me assure you that I’ve enjoyed every minute of the last 71 1/2 hours since I arrived back on the Island.

And, by the way, there are still some more posts to come on A Hebridean in New Zealand so please don’t abandon it yet.


  1. Thought you must be back, it's raining here!!
    Nightmares, you are listening to the wrong music try Shostakovitch or Benjamin Britain, they will pale int insignificance.
    Saucepans sort them out fro yourself, you're a big boy now.
    The keyboard is broken spelt with an 'F'. Get a new one, or if it came with software reinstall that. I switched to Windows 7 on your recommendation and I'm glad I did. But my card reader wouldn't work nor would one external hard drive. Gave them a serious talking to and a slap and all is now well.
    Welcome back and stop moaning you winging Pom.

  2. Whew! I can get a sense of that "urgent!" (And I've got my own!)
    ;^) ;^0
    Glad you're back!
    (That sounds so funny...all I've got to do is click from your NZ blog to your Eagleton blog....)
    ;^) ;^) ;^)

  3. Adrian: Now that I've managed to stop laughing I will respond!

    Shostakovitch and BB would definitely keep me awake. So I wouldn't get nightmares!

    Saucepans: Ta. I hadn't thought of that. The problem is that in NZ they are kept in a drawer, not a cupboard. I'm a simple minded sort of bloke and find it hard to adjust to such a huge change.

    The keyboard's that is causing the problem at the moment is new. It replaced one that had been like that from new. I can't speak for CJ's. I think it's something to do with being upside down. They work when they are. Or something.

    Oh. And By The Way (by Beachcomber, remember him?) I may be a whinging Pom but I'm not a winging one (I can't fly although Gaz and I were talking about getting our paragliding licences when he visits me in NZ December)!

  4. Cynthia. My 'urgent' doesn't even begin to equate with yours. Mine is of my own mind and making. Yours is dictated by a need to achieve results in a fixed time. I wouldn't swap with you for all the tea in China.

    I shall catch up with you later. In the meantime I wish you 'Go well'.

  5. PS Adrian. I have the same problem with Windows 7 and loss of my internal card reader. I haven't got around to giving it a talking to yet. I only discovered it a few day before I left NZ.

  6. Are you by any chance being illuminated by an energy saving lightbulb?

    Don't ask me to explain why, but I've heard a number of stories of people finding they interfere with wireless computer equipment. I also remember that when my parents bought their first CD player they had an awful lot of trouble with the remote and the suggestion was to use a normal light bulb instead of the energy saving one they had in. They changed the bulb and the remote started to behave. Could be a strange coincidence but worth looking at if it's driving you mad!

  7. Blame it all on technology. Blogger is driving me nuts, has been since 25th. I swear there are gremlins everywhere.

  8. I can imagine it to be kind of intense moving back and forth over the earth every six months and getting re-used to things all over again. Well it should keep you from getting too set in old ways, I suppose!

    My wireless keyboard never gave me a problem on either computer, but trying to install one WITH a wire on my old laptop locked everything up so now Windows on that machine won't accept commands from ANY keyboard including the one on the computer. (I haven't had time to even try to sort that out yet.)

    Yesterday on top of everything else (last week was a bad one) I found myself without internet. Turned out it was an external fault nothing to do with my modem or router or computer. Just as I got off the phone with the company this morning I found myself reconnected. Hoping it will last! Even just 18 hours cut off from the rest of the world made me feel very "lost"...


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