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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Thankful Thursday

On my blog A Hebridean in New Zealand I have been writing a post each Thursday entitled Thankful Thursday.  This came about because of the wonderfully positive attitude to life by Jaz, who started Thankful Thursday,  and her husband Mark on the blog Treacy Travels.  I intend to carry on with these posts on Eagleton Notes.  Today's will appear on both blogs.

It's Thursday morning and this afternoon I shall be back in my Lewis home.

A few weeks ago I was listening to Radio New Zealand Concert and a conductor was being interviewed.  He travelled frequently between New York and London if I recall it correctly and he said that he had never, after many years, managed to get over the problems of jet-lag.  Since then I have listened to stories of what people go through with jet-lag.  I have to be honest and say that I had never realised how unpleasant it could be.  Yes, after being awake and traveling for long periods of time, I sometimes feel tired (most of my life I have needed very little sleep so that helps) but I had never appreciated what people who suffer from it experience.  Yesterday a friend was explaining.

So today - having had a great day yesterday without even feeling tired - I am exceptionally thankful that I don't experience jet-lag.


  1. I'm glad you are home and I am thankful, too, that you do not experience jet lag....That is amazing, as you are quite the jet-setter. ;^)
    I enjoy switching between your blogs....

  2. I love your header (I'm hoping that's right) with the beautiful slideshow! I'm glad you're safely back in your Lewis home. BTW, is that the name of your home or city?

  3. How cool is this................?...........I was just reading about this on another blog ;-). I believe it might have been yours LOL

    I have only experience jet lag the once on arrival to Heathrow from NZ. Funny though....I didnt get it flying back to NZ almost a year later!!
    It wasn't nice. Although a good night's sleep seemed to remedy it. I remember being quite wobbly, blurry eyed, a little dizzy and had nausea. Yuck.
    But then, I remember a few nights with new borns that brought on the same effect. Sleep deprivation is not a great feeling.
    I'm glad you don't suffer!! :-)

  4. Well, how does it feel being "home" again? Are you happy to be there?
    Glad you're safely tucked in.


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