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Friday, 29 April 2011

B****y Blackbird

I was writing this in my head before 4 am this morning!  No.  There wasn't a real Blackbird trying to wake me here in Eagleton.  It was all in my mind.  I just dreamed it was there and, so far as my brain was concerned, it was there.  So before 4 am this morning I was wide awake and a less than happy bunny.  Mind you, even at that hour the sky was promising a beautiful day. And that is what we got.  

Actually I'm now having my usual problem of changing from being 12 or so hours in front of half of my friends to being 12 hours or so behind half of my friends.

I arrived home to find that my garden had had a huge amount of tidying up work done by friends, Sue and Brian who had been staying over the last few weeks and who had taken advantage of some beautiful weather.  In fact today has been wall to wall or perhaps I should say horizon to horizon full sun and the beach below the house has had its share of youngsters and others who had the day off because of the Royal wedding but preferred to be outdoors and not in front of a television.  

Pat, Dave and Briagha came for a visit and returned via the croft and shore
Early evening and the youngsters were still congregating in the sun on the pier
And eventually the sun set over the distant croft houses


  1. That must have been some blackbird, chirping its way into your mind like that! It's good to see your Lewis view again - beginning to look familiar (in a good way!) even to me who's never been there. I hope you'll soon find your self adjusted to who is supposed to be awake when. Yourself included!

  2. Time differences as we travel are a bit of a challenge for us as well. We're either waiting for businesses to open in the west, or postponing our cocktail hour waiting for their businesses to close. :)


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