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Friday, 13 February 2009

Living Alone

When I blogged a few days ago about waking up in the middle of the bed and Simply Heather commented about that not being so good if one pushed one's spouse out of bed I got to thinking: not an easy task for me at the best of times.  

I live alone.  I'm very happy living alone.  If I want to play Mozart I play Mozart (it's Rossini's Petite Messe Solonnelle at this moment as it happens) but if I want to play Meatloaf or Bonnie Tyler or The Cowboy Junkies or Stockhausen (which, I should add, has never and is unlikely ever to happen) then I can do so.   I know that that was a trite example but it illustrates a principle.  Please don't misunderstand me.  I have lived en famille and have had good times including wonderful children.  And, yes, I do sometimes miss having someone's back to stroke whilst going to sleep.

One of my dearest friends, on the other hand, hated living alone with no partner with whom to share life and its experiences.  It seems that amongst my female friends she is in the majority.  

But here I draw a distinction.  Whilst I love living on my own I would hate to be alone.  I am fortunate that I never have been.  There can be no greater blessing (metaphorically speaking) than friends.  And I am fortunate to have friends including a brother and a son who are very good friends.

Perhaps it's an age thing.  Perhaps I'm just un homme bizarre avec une barbe grise.  Whatever. I've made my bed and on it happily I will lie - generally alone!


  1. I live 'en famille' as a mum and a wife but I do cherish my moments alone. As a child with older brother and sister , younger brother and my cousin during the week , I was never alone but I was a loner making my own games , thinking my thoughts and generally getting on in my own little world. I confess I didn't really feel any great homesickness when I left at 17 1/2 to join the WRAF - does that make me weird ?
    I love my children and my husband but there are times when I need to be alone. Your post has given me food for thought . Thank you

  2. GB, you have no idea how many times I've sat down and begun typing only resulting in interruption and the need to cancel it out. Yes, this frustrates me terribly...the inability to finish what I've begun but so is the life of motherhood :o).

    Now...thank you for linking me :o).

    Okay...I don't think it odd whatsoever that you enjoy living alone. I've never had that opportunity but "me thinkst me might like it if ever it be" :o).

    I don't believe that The Lord would ever allow for me to live alone, I could get so introverted with exploring, creating, and learning that I might not need for relationship with others. God intended us for relationship...with Him and with others. With that said, I don't mean that everyone is intended to be married or have a significant other to share life with...I simply mean that every person needs and should share love. You do this every day, GB; with the friends that you have, with your family and with those of us who care about your foot steps in the world.

    I rather delight in your single life, if you weren't single...your ability to share all that you see and do, where you are in the world...wouldn't be so perfect, because your time would not be your own :o).

    Thank you, GB for sharing your experiences with me (us)!!

    ♥ to you!!

  3. I am conflicted. I love moments alone to be uninterrupted, to create, to relish in the complete quiet. But being alone. Altogether alone. I don't like it. And I really do miss those back strokes.