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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Carpe Diem: Seize The Moment

When I went to a village called Whangara when I was staying in Gisborne last week I saw a small rural school and outside it was parked a bright yellow school bus.  Unlike the US and Canada school busses in New Zealand are not a particular colour and seeing a yellow one was unusual.  It occurred to me that it would make a really good posting for Simply Heather to see.  I'm sure that a tiny school with, perhaps, 12 pupils is not common in Simply Heather's Town.  Anyway by the time I'd realised it and my mind had processed the information (I'm a man - these things take time) it was too late to stop the car on the narrow road.  All we had to do was drive until we could turn around and return.  But I wasn't the driver and I didn't ask.  I should have done.  I may never see such a school again with its own cute bus outside.  Always seize the moment.  There may not be another one.

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  1. Your thoughtfulness alone is of appreciation to me :o)...

    {thank you}

    ~ also for sharing your preference on my last post...it's hard to choose because they all are me :o)...

    {if you look, the old one is still there}