Thursday 30 April 2009

The Door

On my blog A Hebridean In New Zealand I posted In My Eagleton Home a few days ago. It sparked a comment from Scriptor Senex about The Door. Let me explain. The Door is the door to my garage whish faces Spesh's house. The Door is, as you can see, painted a subtle shade of red (which happened to be what I had available on the day I decided to paint it). Spesh and I live on opposite sides of a valley. We are 1.5 kilometres or .6 of a mile apart iin a straight line. On a clear day with 20:20 vision and binoculars my garage door can be seen from Spesh's house. I like my red door. Spesh hates it with a passion.

I would not usually question Spesh's judgement (I'm not brave enough). But she thinks sheep are cute. 'Nuff said.


  1. I love it! I do the same thing...if I have it in a can, I'll use it somewhere that may need some paint.

    Character! This door creates character, don't you think so?

    Oh - and "me thinks sheeps are cute too"...of course, you know that already but I had to say it again 'cause I like red doors and sheeps :o)

    Love to you!

  2. Gosh, you are living dangerously. Tell Spesh, I'll be your second if she can wait for me to come up before the duel! I'm only being your second 'cos you're my brother - I agree with her about the door, of course. (And even if I didn't I wouldn't be daft enough to admit it.)

  3. I'm with Splesh - I'll be her second. I love the pink door!

  4. The door is not pink - the camera lies! It is bright scarlet - yuk.

    The natural colours around here are very subtle - soft heathers, grasses and moss - with of course the beautiful deep colours of sunrises and sunsets which cannot be duplicated by paint and then........

    THE DOOR a great slash of scarlet - so bright it hurts.

    Still we love him, wouldn't be without him - horrible door 'n' all!

    Long live the saga of the door.

  5. Well, you could paint it the color of "heather" and see if that would blend in.
    :^) :^) ;^)


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