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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Luxury Indeed

I was in one of the better menswear shops a few days ago trying to buy the old fashioned white hankies with a 'proper' border that didn't curl up when it was ironed.  The lady assistant remarked on the fact that I ironed my hankies.  I responded that, despite the comments of many of my friends - both male and female - on the subject of ironing as a waste of time, I didn't mind doing it and generally combined it with watching TV or suchlike.  Thus I don't feel guilty when I watch TV - which I would so often regard as a waste of time!

Somehow we strayed from ironing hankies to ironing in general.  I remarked that there was nothing better than ironed sheets.  Rather to my surprise she thought that that was going a bit too far.  I just love my sheets ironed.

In fact if I were really wealthy I would have my bed made up with fresh, immaculately ironed, superb quality (at least 400 threads per inch), Egyptian cotton sheets every day.  That would be luxury indeed.


  1. Sir, I hate ironing, such a chore, in spite of the resul
    ts, but I need to tell you that I have met only one other person - a friend - who like us, would wish (in a position of some riches!) to have our sheets made up by others each day - Egyptian cotton where possible - Such a luxury, and for Pat and I, our beds are our altars! As with you too, Sir!

  2. This reminded me of when I was young. We had a basement in our home, which was where my mom's sewing room was. The ironing board was in there. She would pay me an "allowance" for ironing. It was a dime for sheets, a dime for Dad's shirts, a nickel for my brother's items, and a PENNY for handkerchiefs! I evolved the ironing of handkerchiefs into a fine art! First, I would take the hanky out and spray it with the water-spray-bottle. Some items needed "Magic Sizing" --- a "light-bodied" spray that would make it positively smooth and perfect! Then, I would press and fold, press and fold, press and fold, with an extremely hot iron. I felt so important as a little girl with such a big job of handling a dangerous tool like an iron! This basement hide-away was my sanctuary. It was cool and quiet and believe me, my little brothers weren't going to bother me while I was in there! They didn't want to do any ironing! Ohhhhhh! I had forgotten! You made me miss it! I think I'll go dig some long-forgotten hankies out of a drawer....I DO have a can of "Magic Sizing!"